Hey there! I’m Phoebe also known as ‘Fivi’ to my dad with a thick Greek accent.    I am a Swinburne Communication Design and Marketing graduate impassioned about creating insightful publication, social media and brand design that betters the world. Where did my love for all things design begin? On the breathtaking Greek Island of Santorini of course. Growing up there has led to being the core inspiration behind who I am and my streamline style as a designer.
My degree has equipped me with a variety of professional creative and analytical skills to produce forward-thinking and market-responsive design solutions that address global problems. In amongst being a communication designer and marketer I am a proactive creative and critical thinker, who thrives in collaborative environments. Passionately enjoying the problem-solving process and enlightened by thoughtful design discussion to reach ground-breaking solutions that provide people with meaningful experiences. I am excited to step out into industry, immerse myself in collaborative teams of inspiring designers and continue to develop and refine my skills. With majority of designers only designing for 10% of the population I’m eager to utilise my skills to co-design and create with other like-minded individuals.  Working on design projects that aim to address environmental and social issues through innovative solutions.
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