Campaign Design | slow the frock down
A social campaign raising public awareness on social medias impact on fast fashion
Melbourne Fashion Festival’s (hypothetical) campaign Slow the Frock Down is a social campaign seeking to raise public awareness around social medias impact on exacerbating fast fashion and shopping addictions. The goals of the campaign were to raise awareness on the issue, prompt a conversation around the concept of less is more, and help slow down the fast fashion trend dominating our screens. These goals needed to be visually translated in fun, engaging and meaningful through the campaign outcomes. These outcomes included print and social media content, mini publication, website mock-up and exhibition mock-up for MFF x STFD. The overall design aesthetic chosen for the campaign was inspired by the Flower Power Movement seen in the 1960s’ & 1970’s. These decades were vibrant and playful and free from fast fashion complimenting the campaigns message of slowing down. 
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