PUBLICation Design | Barrels
A tourism publication featuring Torquay’s 6 best surf beaches 
The brief for Barrels surrounded choosing a location and leisure topic to develop a tourism publication on. The publication needed to utilise typography, illustration, and photography in a way that coneys a unique sense of place whilst also informing and guiding the target audience in a legible manner.  The chosen idea was A Guide to Torquay’s 7 Best Surf Beaches; Torquay Surf Beach, Jan Juc Surf Beach, Bird rock, Bells, Winkipop, and Point Addis. Original landscape photography, close-up royalty free photography, and original combi and surf illustrations were used throughout the publication to highlight the unique elements of each beach such as lookouts, and walking trails. Bold type and dynamic typography placement were used to create an engaging sense of hierarchy. The unpredictable colour palette chosen for publication sought to communicate the activity of surfing in a fun and modern way.
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