Publication Design | Peter Pan
A publication that takes on a modern interpretation of the classic novel of Peter Pan
The brief for this publication was to choose a classic story and design a publication with relative ephemera that visually interprets the story in a new and original way. The chosen story was Peter Pan (note all written content of the publication is the original copyright free story). In order to design a unique and unprecedented interpretation of the novel the publication was designed in a way that explores the complex nature of adulthood vs childhood in seen in the novel. Peter’s childish and forever young attitude is depicted throughout the publication as original ‘childlike’ crayon illustrations, seeking to communicate the story through a kid’s perspective. Further, visually communicating the fun, playful and carefree nature of the young characters in the story. In contrast, the publication also visually interprets Peter’s view on adulthood, deeming it rather boring and dull. These pages take on a streamline, modern mature and simple design aesthetic to successfully communicate Peter’s apathetic attitude towards growing up.  
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